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About Us

The Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest and richest ecosystem on earth, has stood inviolate for thousands of years since its creation. The profusion and variety of life forms present in the rainforest and its critical role in supplying the world with air, has resulted in its being called the "Heart and Lungs" of the Planet. Indeed the majority of the world's oxygen is supplied by its dense foliage and teeming plant life, which upon first inspection, seems boundless and indestructible. Read more

Latest News

Earth’s greatest natural resource is quite literally going up in smoke, as over 320 square miles of irreplaceable primary rainforest are burned or logged every day. Only twenty years ago, rainforests covered about 14 percent of the earth’s land area. Today, rainforests are less than 6 percent.

At the current rate of destruction, this miraculous web of life will be totally wiped out in forty years. Untold treasures and irreplaceable resources available only within these unique environments will be lost. The importance of these fragile eco-systems to the health of our world cannot be overstated: over half of Earth’s living species live there. Read more